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How to Restring a Magic Attic Club Doll

Less than two weeks ago, I set out to figure out how to restring Magic Attic Club dolls. I had bought this doll for $5 at a doll show back at the beginning of April, before my horse got sick, with the intention of using her to learn how to restring them.  I figured someday someone would ask me to, and I would rather not have to learn on someone else's doll. As it turned out, it was a friend being asked to restring someone's Magic Attic dolls that kicked me into gear.  I got out my poor, loosey-goosey, hair-cut Heather, turned on the camera, and got to work. Some of you may have already seen my recent videos on how to take apart and restring Magic Attic Club dolls.  I am going to provide written instructions here as well, with photographs and links to my videos to assist you. Stay tuned for more!


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