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How to Deal with Being Bullied for Your Dolls

A frequent topic in the Facebook doll groups is the bullying, criticism, and judgment many collectors get (sometimes from their own families!) for loving dolls. It's both sad and infuriating that people would give other adults a hard time for a hobby that makes them happy without hurting anyone, but it's true.  Dolls especially have a history of being trivialized by society.  Adults can collect model cars and trains, actual cars, Legos, trading cards, or sports anything and not be criticized for it, but dolls have historically carried a heavy stigma in society. I'm sure any doll collector reading this knows exactly what I mean. I've been collecting since 2000, so after 24 years it's not really a secret anymore to anyone in my life, and honestly I've never kept it a secret.  I post my doll pictures to my personal Facebook as well as to my public Instagram and my Facebook business page.  Everyone knows I collect dolls, and I have been fortunate enough that none o


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