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Lately I've been working a lot on cleaning and organizing, especially my doll spaces.  My house needed it badly, after being neglected for most of last year while my horse was sick.  I had kinda given up having any kind of active organizational system for my dolls, and had even stopped unpacking some of my boxes when they arrived. (The picture is from the middle of a major push to organize the living room, that stage at which everything looks worse before it starts looking better.) I'm making substantial progress on that, and will post more about that in a couple days, as I finish a few of the spaces I've been working on.  Even better, this means that I'll finally be able to catch up on some of the content I've been planning.  I once again have access to spaces where I can photograph, film, and work on dolls, so I'll be filming some long-awaited videos in the next couple weeks. Additionally, I'll be finishing a few pages I've been working on for the left


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