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Best Space-Saving Wall Shelves for Dolls

This weekend I finally started working on Project "Dolls on All the Walls" that I've been planning for months.  I finally realized that if I wanted to make room for my large collection, I needed to learn to build UP and make use of every bit of vertical and wall space I have. This is the hallway outside the two bedrooms on our second floor.  To the left is our bedroom, actually the second bedroom, since we switched the doll room and office to the master (the bigger bedroom) at the beginning of the year.  Past the cabinet is the entrance to the shared bathroom, and to the right and a little behind me is the master bedroom, now the doll room and office. Don't mind the mess in the hall!  This is still a work in progress. At some point earlier this year, I realized what a huge waste of space these walls were.  So I got the tall, slim cabinet you see here, which doesn't leave much room to go around it, but hey, we're skinny people (and there's another, regular-


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