What's a Butterfly Got to Do with Dolls?

I've been working on getting some business materials ready for Dana Cain's Toy & Doll Supershow, coming up soon on March 24th here in Denver, so I've been looking at my logo a lot.  And I realized, I'm not sure how many people know the meaning behind the butterfly in my logo.

It started out as a happy accident.  I was designing video title cards and liked the flapping butterflies I found in a template in Canva.  But then as I was designing some other business materials, I realized the butterfly has a symbolic meaning in terms of my business, too.

Restoring a doll, especially a doll that's been well loved, is a process of transformation.  Just like when that caterpillar spins a cocoon and emerges from it as a butterfly, I'm making a doll beautiful again and giving it a whole new life.  Some of my favorite rehabs are the ones where I've literally pulled a doll back from the brink, where the condition was so bad that some would have discarded it.

So ultimately, I decided that butterfly logo was perfect for what I do, and I put it everywhere: on my logos, my watermarks, my business cards, and other business materials.  I also decided to sell cards of doll-size butterfly and flower hair clips at the doll show this year, on a card with information about my business and a couple sentences about why I use a butterfly logo.

I'm looking forward to this show!  Hope to see you there!



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