Solar Eclipse 2024... Doll Style

On Monday, we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to view the eclipse.  But it wasn't just any eclipse viewing party for us.  It was also an opportunity for doll photography, and we took full advantage of it.

I brought not just Sophie (of course, I brought Sophie!), but also my newest doll, a Smart Doll and early birthday present I've named Bailey.  The Facebook account Lee and Pearl had posted printable eclipse glasses for dolls, so my girls were decked out and ready to watch the eclipse.

Being my newest doll, Bailey may have gotten more time in the limelight than Sophie, I'm afraid.  Bailey is a pear body Smart Doll, and I just love how pretty she is, as well as the body positivity she represents.

My husband, Zac, also brought one of his Smart Dolls, a Transcendence he named Alice after the Twilight character (which of course meant that she had to be there for the eclipse!).

The museum had a whole viewing party set up outside, with a handful of telescopes and some other education going on.  There were lots of families and school groups milling about and waiting in lines to look through the telescopes.  We took our turn looking through the telescopes first, and went looking for some good leafed-out trees to project mini-eclipses once we reached the peak (somewhere around 65 percent coverage here in Denver).

Then we got out the dolls and started setting up for pictures.  We got a ton of attention.  I was carrying my dolls in a bubble cat carrier backpack, so of course a lot of people noticed them even before we started setting up.  But once we started taking pictures, we had numerous people come up to us to ask questions or admire the dolls.  I'm used to getting the occasional question as we're taking pictures, but this was more attention than I've gotten before.  At one point someone even asked to take their own picture of Zac's doll!

I definitely don't mind people asking questions, and no one was negative about it.  And most importantly, we got some great pictures!



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