My New Hang Tags

One of the things I wanted to do a better job of at the doll show this year was branding.  As part of that, I decided to create archival-quality hang tags that would provide customers a history they could keep with their dolls.

I wanted the hang tags to reflect my business branding, so I designed them as business cards in Canva with the design duplicated on each half, so that I could cut the cards in half.  This was just about the right size for my needs.  The color, fonts, and butterfly logo are all the same as my video title cards, and there's space on the back for me to write any notes, such as what has been done (cleaning, restringing, etc.).  I'll use these on dolls I restore to sell, as well as on dolls I fix for clients.

I also wanted the tags to lead back to my business, so they feature a QR code that will take you to my website.  That way if the doll is resold, if the stringing snaps, or if the customer ever needs more work done, they can find me easily.

Finally, I wanted to tie the tags to the wrist using an archival-quality string: something soft that wouldn't scratch or discolor the vinyl over time.  I opted for white embroidery floss.  It's sooo soft and looks great on the doll's wrist!

I'm really looking forward to launching some of my new business materials at this year's show!  Here's Sophie, modeling the new hang tags.  She looks worried, doesn't she?  Don't worry, Sophie, you're not going anywhere!



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