Check Out My New Signed Pleasant Company Doll!

Originally I was intending to do some unboxing videos on my YouTube channel, but it just ended up with me keeping dolls in their boxes for ages while I procrastinate on filming.  So for the most part I've ditched that idea... but this particular unboxing, I had to film!

Until yesterday, I never owned a signed Pleasant Company doll.  Granted, the doll I just got isn't one of the early (1986 and 1987) dolls that were signed by Pleasant, numbered, and arrived with a COA, but to me this doll is something even more special: An early Addy (one of my favorite dolls!) signed by the author of the Addy books.

She's a little TLC, which is probably why I could afford her in the first place.  And maybe I overpaid for her, I don't know.  All I know is that she's beautiful, she's early, and there isn't anything wrong with her that I can't fix.

I'm planning on doing a follow up video compilation soon of the rehab process as I return Addy to display condition, so stay tuned!



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