Happy Dollidays!

Anyone else in complete disbelieve that today is actually Christmas, and 2022 is almost over?  As difficult as this year has been - between the disaster that our GOTY 2022 road trip turned out to be, my horse getting sick and requiring six months of care, losing a lovely local doll friend, and my dad's girlfriend passing away last month - I shouldn't be sorry to see 2022 go, but I am. I feel like I didn't get done many of the things I meant to do, and I'm disappointed, even though I know I had good reason.

Dollcember was another thing I didn't do that I'd meant to.  My plan was to work on a doll every day, and I just couldn't ever find the time.  I like the idea, though, and may try again next year, although I may make it something a little easier, such as dressing or photographing a doll every day in December.

We also had some pretty tight finances the last few months of the year, as the expenses and the impact on our savings finally caught up with us.  It meant making some hard choices and being pretty frugal for several months.  It finally got better in the last couple of weeks, though, and we were able to finally order some things we'd been wanting - just in time for Christmas!

Despite the trials 2022 presented us with, we had a good Christmas.  Again, I had intended to do more to celebrate - dress more dolls, take more photographs - but in the end, I decided not to try to force it and just to be content with photos of Sophie.  So Sophie and I wore matching pajamas, and she got a new headband to resurrect her bear ears after a mishap during a photo shoot earlier in the month that broke the headband.

I wish I had been able to meet my goals for the year, which were to make the doll spaces in my home more usable so that I can dress, display, photograph, and work on dolls more easily.  We had gotten off to a good start early in the year, before my horse got sick, but then we ended up having to focus solely on taking care of my horse for a long time.  I was hoping to be able to get at least a little more done before the end of the year, but that's quickly approaching and I don't know how much more I can do.  Fortunately, my husband is off until January 3rd, so I'm going to enlist his help organizing the doll room, going through project dolls, and moving furniture.  With any luck, I can at least start the new year with an organized doll room (and he with a dedicated office space).

Here's wishing everyone happy holidays, dazzling dollidays, and a happy new year!



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