Productivity Slump

Does anyone else feel sometimes like if you're on a roll with something, if you have to take a break to focus on something else, you totally lose your momentum?

That's what has happened to me last week.  I was getting so much done, first in my doll closet and then organizing my Life of Faith collection.  I was even making substantial progress on a Life of Faith inventory spreadsheet to help catalog my collection.

A few things happened at totally different times to derail my momentum.  I babysat two days late last week, which left me feeling tired each day, and meant that I didn't get much done afterward.  I also mysteriously developed a sore back over the weekend, which stayed with me for days and is only finally starting to improve.  And finally, we moved my horse back to his corral on Monday, so I've been at the barn a lot this week to check on him and make sure he's not going to get sick again.

Being tired and not having enough time are obvious hurdles to productivity, but I've been surprised at how much the back pain interfered.  For most of this week, I had a really hard time sitting for long enough to work on anything.  I still don't know what hurt it, but I do know that bending over the bed to sort my entire Life of Faith collection Sunday and Monday (after it had already started hurting) definitely did not help it.

Fortunately we should have some free time this weekend, and my back is slowly improving, so I'm hoping for a return of my former productivity... especially as I am able to check up on my horse a little less.



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