Doll Closet FINISHED! (Mostly)

I'm so excited to say that tonight I was able to finish organizing the "doll closet"... mostly, anyway.  I will still be putting things away in here as I tackle the rest of the house, but the organization is more or less done.

Here you can see the top shelf of the bookcase has been cleared of records and tools (still need to finish putting those where they'll belong, but one thing at a time, right?).  On the left I have the crates with my doll repair supplies and business stuff (business cards and other printables).  The red bin is full of overflow vintage doll projects, and the clear bins on the right are craft supplies (bottom) and AG and other doll clothing that needs to be washed, mended, etc.  There's also a small, flat clear bins of that kind of doll TLC clothes underneath the red bin, if you look closely.

The red bin is a bit of a hot mess, but will be the first place I start when I start going through my projects.

You can also see I did some rearranging of the crates on the right.  I realized I had one that hadn't made it in to the stacks, and the red bin had been in those stacks, so I reorganized a little.

Here you can see there isn't a lot of room to access what's on the IKEA Trofast shelves.  This is why I need to work on projects and listing things once this reorganization project is finished!

I didn't think to take a before picture of my kitchen counter where all the TLC doll clothes were living, and maybe that's a good thing, but it does mean you don't have any reference.  But believe me, this is betterMuch better.  I still have a few projects left to either work on or find a place for, but far fewer than what was here before.

Side note: Isn't Elise pretty?  She's a rare emerald green-eyed Elise ballerina from 1960-62.  (I don't remember exactly what year, so I'd need to check my books to verify.)  She was one of my finds at my local thrift store that frequently has vintage dolls.  I have always collected Elise, but initially I was thinking I'd clean her up, restring her arms, see if I can readjust her one eye, and sell her.  I just love those green eyes though, and Elise is one of my early doll loves, so I'm not sure I can bring myself to rehome this one!



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