New Video: The Best Creator Phone Stand

I've finally got another new video up!  I have a deep love for gadgets, and I wanted to show everyone this snazzy new phone stand I got to help with my tutorials and vides.  (Please note: That link is an affiliate link, which means I may earn a small commission if a purchase is made through it.)

My new phone stand is going to enable me to take some great overhead pictures and videos, so that I can more easily show how to restring and do other repairs.  It'll also be great for rehab videos, like the video I did showing the transformation of my Magic Attic Club Alison when my channel was brand new.

Check out the new video here, and be sure to like and subscribe.

The phone stand has been marketed heavily lately on social media, but if you follow those links, it's pretty expensive.  Fortunately I found it for just a little over half that price on Amazon.

It's a pretty awesome tool and works well as a telescoping phone stand for just about any purpose.  I especially love how small it folds up when not in use, and the fact that it has a variety of light settings (I hate glaringly bright lights) and lights on both sides of the phone mount.  It's sooo much better than a ring light (most people who know me know my rants about ring lights).  If you take a lot of creator videos you'll want this one!



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