New doll rehab video!

Yesterday I rehabbed Alison, a new-to-me Magic Attic Club doll I found on Mercari.

I got into Magic Attic Club dolls by chance.  I'd found a restringing tutorial for them online and was looking at it to see if it would be helpful for restringing other dolls I have, such as A Life of Faith dolls.  Then at the doll show two weekends ago, I found a loosey goosey Magic Attic Club Heather for $8.

Of course I couldn't pass that up, so she came home with me.  And as it usually happens when I get a new kind of doll, it inspired me to start researching the type of doll, and ultimately, to acquire more.

Alison was the first of the others to come, and aside from Heather, she needed the most work.  Her hair was dry and she was pretty dirty, so I got to work almost as soon as she arrived.

And because I've been planning on expanding into YouTube, I decided Alison would be my first rehab video.  I did some minor video editing making horse music videos about 15 years ago, so I am not totally new to this, but I had to do some research into what software is available now and refresh my skills a little.

Be sure to check out Alison's rehab journey over the weekend!



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