Happy World Doll Day!

Today, June 11th, was World Doll Day.  I always wonder about how we seem to have a day for just about everything these days, but this apparently is a real day!  The above link has this little tidbit about the day's history:

Mildred Seeley, an avid doll collector and doll-related entrepreneur, founded World Doll Day. She felt the common doll could be an instrument of world understanding. For the first World Doll Day, Seeley sent out letters asking people to participate. She also encouraged each person who received a letter to tell five people and for those five to tell another five people. She hoped by doing this, the word would spread about the first World Doll Day, which was held June 14, 1986.

Plus, the United Federation of Doll Clubs has a page dedicated to World Doll Day.  Their page emphasizes the tradition of giving a doll to someone on this day, particularly someone who isn't fortunate enough to have a doll of their own.  It sounds like a worthy cause, doesn't it?

I celebrated World Doll Day by getting some doll pictures on my daily travels.  We went to the annual yard sale at the the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys, and I got pictures of Sophie shopping.  We found some great vintage play food that's just the right scale for American Girl!

I also wanted to get a separate photo just to celebrate World Doll Day, but I realized toward the end of the day that I was almost out of daylight.  We were headed out to the barn to take care of Panama, so I grabbed one of my newest dolls - a pretty pink-haired CYO who has gotten nicknamed Pinkie - and took her with us.  I was able to get some cute pictures of my two favorite things in the whole world, dolls and horses!

What did you do to celebrate World Doll Day?  I'm hoping to do a better job of celebrating next year!



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