Doll Show News

First things first: Doll show news!

My mom and I have two tables at the Toy and Doll Supershow on Sunday, April 3rd.  We have sold at this show every year for probably ten years or more now, and we were attending as buyers even before that!  This show is exciting because it's the 30th anniversary show, because it's the first show we've done since before covid, because it's the first show that I'll be bringing American Girl stuff to, and because it's the first time I'll be offering restringing at a show.

So many reasons to be excited!  I've been getting ready for the show, shopping for the things I need and organizing what I'll be bringing.  It's the most organized I'll have been for this show in years, but it'll also be the most important, since I'm basically using the show to launch my local repair business.

If you're in the Denver area, come see me this weekend!  And if you're not, find out what doll shows you have in your area, and go to them if you can.  Support your local doll communities!



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