Toy & Doll Supershow 2024

Some of you know that my mom was staying with me in February after having a hip replacement.  She went home on Sunday, so now I'm starting to prep for Dana Cain's Toy & Doll Supershow, which is May 24th.

My mom and I have been selling at this show every year for over a decade, but we usually pull it all together at the last minute.  This year I have a lot more I want to do, so I had intended to start prepping back in January.  Then we found out about my mom's hip replacement, and that plan went totally awry.  So now I have three weeks to get ready – longer than I usually give myself, but less than I'd hoped for.

So most of the next three weeks will be devoted to getting ready for the show.  I'll have vintage dolls; restored (and a few new) American Girl dolls; American Girl clothing, furniture, and books; and of course the bakery!  (The picture is from last year, but the bakery didn't sell so I'll be bringing it again this year!)

I'll also be offering basic, onsite restringing services, so bring your dolls that need to be restrung!  I'll only be able to do a limited number at the show, so come early.  I'll also offer the option to send your dolls home with me to be restrung or if other repairs are needed, and we can meet up to return the dolls once they're done.  (Dolls I take home will be done with a ~3 week turnaround and a discount from show prices.)  I meant to offer this at the show last year but we were swamped the whole time, so this year we're planning ahead for how to keep me free to restring.

Are you excited for the show?  I know I am!  The Denver area used to have several doll shows every year, but Dana's is the only one we have left.  She does such a great job planning these events though, and the show is always a smash hit!

Here's the information:

Dana Cain's Toy & Doll Supershow

Crowne Plaza DIA Convention Center | I-70 & Chambers
15500 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO
11am-4pm - $10
early bird entry at 10am for $15

To find me, look for Grace's bakery!



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