Barbie Party Success!

I've been super busy lately so my follow-up is later than I'd intended, but the Barbie event at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys on July 16th was a resounding success.  Our first session was full with all 24 seats sold out, so we added a second session and ended up selling eight seats for that one too.

We wanted the event to be just as over-the-top as the Barbie movie appears to be, so we decorated the entire room in Barbie pink, with pink curtains (actually disposable vinyl tablecloths) hung up over the windows with gold star streamers.  The tables were all covered in pink, and even the food was pink!  We served pink pretzels, pink cookies, pink candies, strawberries, red star-shaped chips, cheese balls (because why not), and pink punch.

The first session was chaos, as it was so full and busy.  The event included a naked Barbie and one complete outfit, but a lot of people purchased extra outfits from the seamstress that provided the clothes for the event.  I myself walked out of there with 10 cute little Barbie dresses, and a Barbie on her way from Amazon.  (Since then, I've bought a second Barbie, and have several other Barbies and clothing on my Amazon wish list... I think I'm starting a small collection!)

The second session being a little smaller was a nice break after the busyness of the first one.  A friend from the Facebook doll groups and Instagram just happened to be in Denver to see the Taylor Swift concert, so she brought her family to the second session.  It was so nice to meet her in person, and to have some time to chat as well, since things were a little quieter!

All in all, it was a successful event and a ton of fun.  You can find more pictures of the event on my Instagram.

The next all-ages doll craft event is tentatively Monster High-themed for Halloween.  Stay tuned for information on upcoming events, as I have some other ideas in the works as well!  I'll post about events I'm involved with on my blog, Facebook page, and Instagram, plus you can sign up for the museum's mailing list for comprehensive updates.



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