Advertising Update and Upcoming Pages

This is just a quick heads up that I decided to reapply to the Amazon Affiliates program, so Amazon affiliate links will start appearing on my site again.  I tried this last year without much luck, probably because I was too busy taking care of a sick horse to keep the blog updated and post affiliate links.

Followers of my blog will know that while I do take in repairs and restorations for clients, I also make videos and write tutorials.  I figure I can't fix all the dolls in the world, and for the dolls' sake I want to share information that helps do-it-yourselfers do it right.

Whenever possible, I'll include product recommendations in my tutorials.  This enables you to quickly find the same products I'm using in my repairs.

While I give advice for free for the sake of the dolls, it would be nice to get a little kickback.  The Amazon Affiliate program will enable me to earn a small commission any time someone buys a product I recommended for doll care or repair.  I'll keep my links updated as much as possible, so that if product availability changes, I'll find a substitute.  I'll also be sure to say if I haven't tried the substitute yet myself.

I will have some blog posts with product recommendations upcoming, and I'm also working on an evergreen page for the blog (which I will link to in the sidebar) that will provide a list (with links!) of all of tools and supplies I keep in my doll repair toolbox.

Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Kathy, I saw you on Racheals video about restringing. My question is about AG doll eyes, what is the best way to fix a dolls eye that seem to stick open or closing


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