Traveling with Dolls

I'm out of town for a few days for a memorial service, so of course I brought a doll with me.  It's a different experience than my usual: Instead of traveling with my husband, who is supportive of my dolls and even brings and photographs his own, I'm traveling with my dad.  I wasn't sure how he would feel about me bringing a doll, so I brought a small one, a Ruby Red Siblie, so that I could smuggle her in my backpack.

He'll know at some point of course, as I fully intend to get her out and take pictures of her, but I didn't want him making a fuss about the doll making travel harder, and a small doll is definitely easier.  I don't think he's noticed yet, even though I have her sitting on the armrest next to me so I could get pictures and video.  (I have a window seat and I'm as excited about that as any kid!)

I'm not typically shy about traveling with my dolls, but doing it with someone else controlling the trip means that I may not be able to do all the same things I usually do.  I typically plan my trips with my dolls and photo ops in mind, but this time someone else has done all the planning, and it's not really a pleasure trip.

I also haven't flown with a doll before.  Usually we drive or take the train, and without carryon limits (because no way am I ever checking a doll) it's easier to take bigger dolls, multiple dolls, and more things for the dolls.

I will be back home on Tuesday, so it's just a quick trip.  Good thing, because I still have plenty of organizing and doll rehabs waiting for me at home.  Until then, though, Bailey and I are bound for adventure!



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