A Barbie Movie... For Adults?

If you haven't yet watched the trailer for the upcoming Barbie movie, you should do so!  It's clearly an irreverent take on Barbie, geared toward the adults who grew up with playing with this icon.  It looks hilarious and deliberately ridiculous.

The movie trailers have sparked some controversy, though, with viewers (accurately) noting that it's not very kid-friendly.  I actually don't think this movie is intended to be a kids' movie at all, although I'm guessing it'll be accessible for older, more mature kids.  But it's not a little kids' movie, like most Barbie productions are.

And honestly, the cast alone should have conveyed the target audience.  Margot Robbie as Barbie?!  Yeah, that's a dead giveaway that this movie is going to be edgy and deliciously snarky.  Ryan Gosling as a bleached-blond Ken should also make it pretty clear.  But just in case that isn't obvious enough, the cast includes comedy stars such as Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon, and Michael Cera, as well as a narrator (Helen Mirren).

I mean, really.  Who could look at that image and not realize that they're targeting the adults that were playing with Barbie in the 80s and 90s?

Of course there will undoubtedly be the families that take their children anyway, and then get mad that it's not really a kids' movie.  I also expect a fair bit of complaining about it online (since there seems to be a lot of that no matter what).  Personally, I think it's awesome that Mattel is willing to produce something as irreverent as this.  I'm looking forward to this movie!



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