Goals for 2023

I started this post way back at the end of December, and completely forgot to finish and post it.  Now I'm well into my projects for 2023, but I'm going to finish the post anyway.

I'm not usually one to post about New Year's resolutions.  I gave that up many years ago when I realized that I never followed through for the full year.  I realized that having a year-long goal was ridiculous for me.  Things change throughout the year, goals get left by the wayside, and other things become more important than what you thought would be important way back at the beginning of the year.

Last year, though, I made a rare New Year's resolution, albeit a loosely organized one.  My goal was simple but far reaching: I wanted to make my doll spaces more usable and enjoyable.  This meant a great deal of cleaning up and organizing would have to happen over the course of the year.

Some of you know what happened instead: My horse got sick, and I spent six months keeping him alive.

Before he got sick mid-April, we were actually making good progress.  We reorganized the garage, installing garage shelving to hold the big AG play sets and get them out of the house.

We took a break to get ready for the doll show at the beginning of April, and then Panama got sick a little over a week later.

With Panama better now, I decided to set the same goal for 2023.  We'd made some small progress toward the end of last year, and continued working on it throughout January.  The doll room is starting to come together now, thanks to a major breakthrough decision I made, and from there I'll start working on the rest of the house (also a doll disaster, especially after eight months of having little time to clean).  We've been super busy making things happen, and it's part of why I haven't posted or even really worked on any dolls in months.

I'll post more about my doll room makeover in an upcoming post, as it's getting closer to being finished... or at least as finished as a project like this can ever get!



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