Doll Closet Progress: Closer to Completion

We had a busy doll weekend, between the workshop on Saturday and our pumpkin patch photo shoot on Sunday, so I didn't have much time to work on my organization projects.  But I did get a bunch more done late last week, so this is where I'm at right now:

The crates on the right are two stacks deep along the wall across from the IKEA Trofast stair-step shelf.  Those crates contain all the dolls and clothes that are priced from the doll show back in April.  They are mostly 50s toddler dolls and clothes, with some AG clothes in there too.  The plan was to start listing the 50s dolls on eBay throughout the year this year, but of course Panama got sick just a week after the doll show, and so I never had much time to list anything after that.

I did realize after taking this picture that I have a crate that didn't make it into the closet yet, and there is a bin of project dolls stacked rather precariously in that stack, so I have some rearranging to do with those crates still.

The only thing left to do at this point (besides fixing the stack of crates) is to deal with my toolbox and the stack of records.  The stack of records needs to be gone through, but for now will likely be shuffled to another temporary home until I have a chance to do so.  The toolbox needs to be sorted and organized, and I need to figure out what tools I'm keeping inside before moving the rest out to the garage.  Ideally I'd like to be able to close and latch the toolbox too, so there's some definite sorting and reorganization that has to happen there.

Hopefully I'll be able to finish up with this soon so that I can move on to the next stage of the project.  Not that I'm sure yet what that will be!  My entire house needs reorganization right now, but I'm finding it less overwhelming if I do it one small section at a time.



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