Covid Update

As some of you already know, my mom, my husband, and I all got covid and have been down for the count.  This thing doesn't mess around, and that's even considering we have fairly light cases!  I have probably the lightest case with very mild symptoms - almost no coughing, just some minor congestion.  The fatigue, on the other hand, is unreal.  Nothing mild about that.  For two whole days, I slept around the clock, waking up only to feed my horse.

Unfortunately, getting sick put a major hitch in a lot of my plans.  I've had to put off plans for videos, pictures, and repairs that I intended to do over the last five or so days I've been sick.  I'm just hoping at this point that I'll feel up to doing some of those things in the coming week so that I can start getting back on track again.

I'm starting to have a little more energy, although I'm finding it comes in bursts.  I'm trying to listen to my body when it says it's tired, as I don't want to rebound from pushing myself to get back to normal too fast, which I've been hearing is very common with covid.  Currently I'm trying to prioritize so that I get the most important things done, while still finding time to rest.

Be patient with me, and I'll get some new content up as soon as I can!  Picture of my new boy, who I panic ordered when I found out all the old Truly Me dolls were going to be retired, for attention.



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