Collector Kryptonite

Yesterday I went to a small local doll show, put on by a local doll club.  Due to the fact that we're really only down to one large annual show, I'd been looking forward to this one-off show and had actually been hoping to sell at it, but could never figure out how to get in touch with the doll club.  (That's a separate rant about how many doll clubs are stuck in the past and lack a good online presence.)

Some of you might already know that I recently did a few programs in Rachel Hoffman's Virtual Doll Convention.  Also from that convention, I got an Ellowyne Wilde, "Neutral Ground," and Ellowyne's new friend, Neema.

I'm new to these dolls, but so far I'm totally in love!  I love their jointed bodies and how posable they are.  My Ellowyne has rooted hair, but my Neema has a wig and I'm totally obsessed with being able to change her wig to create different looks.  I'll obviously need to find a wigged Ellowyne as well.

Oh, and they also need clothes.  Since all my dolls are completely different sizes, I had absolutely nothing for them to wear, so the first thing I did (before even unboxing them) was to get on Etsy looking for clothes.

I'm in so much trouble.

All of you who are chronic collectors know this feeling well: Knowing that you're getting hooked on a brand new collection, and being excited but also horrified because you know you don't really need a new obsession.  In the last year, I have added Ruby Red Fashion Friends and Siblies, Faithful Friends, Life of Faith, Magic Attic, Hopscotch Hill, and now Ellowyne Wilde dolls to what I collect.

And it was in this ever-so-vulnerable state that I went to the doll show yesterday.


As some of you already know, I found an Ellowyne there - an older Ellowyne with inset eyes and long, thick hair.  The seller was pretty fussy, so Ello still had her box and all her accessories and paperwork.  In fact, the plastic bags were still covering her hands and her accessories were still taped to the inside of the box, and the seller insisted that I needed to put the piece of foam under the ribbon as I tied her back in to take her home.  I didn't quite have the heart to tell the seller that this doll is going to go on adventures!  She's going to get redressed, played with, and probably take a few (hopefully not many) tumbles at some point as I get pictures of her in various places.

Speaking of taking tumbles, I need to figure out a way to stabilize these dolls for pictures.  So far I've been playing the balancing game, since I don't like the look of stands in pictures, but that's not going to always work very well on adventures.  The stands they come with have a clear base and saddle, but a metal rod that will be noticeable (and between their legs!) in pictures; plus it limits how I can pose them.  I also have a couple of bendy stands on their way that are technically meant for Blythe, but that I'm hoping will work for Ellowyne and her friends.

I do hope this doll club will do another show someday, but at least now it's only another half year or so until the big doll show in the spring.



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