Big Plans and Upcoming Videos

I'd been having so much fun making videos for my YouTube channel, but I had to take a short break from it to get some client projects done... and then covid happened!  Plus I've been working on some visual materials and branding for my businesses.

But I haven't forgotten about YouTube, and in fact have several new videos in the works or planned out.

Stay tuned as I'll soon be adding the following videos to YouTube and my blog.  Videos take a lot of time to create though, so it may not be right away.

  • Showing off my new favorite video tool, and how to save money on it
  • Unboxing my new Claudie as well as a few other dolls I've gotten recently
  • My attempt at making my own photo backdrops after seeing social media ads
  • Restringing tutorials for American Girl, Magic Attic, and Hopscotch Hill
  • Other requested tutorials, such as fixing a retracted eyelash and replicating original hairstyles
  • Rehab videos for my 1986 Kirsten and a few other dolls I've gotten recently
  • Ridealong videos on photo shoots and shopping sprees
I've also been considering launching a Patreon account eventually, as it appears that I can run workshops on Patreon, as well as provide some other exclusive content.  So much potential there for virtual doll workshops!  For now though I will be keeping all my video content on YouTube and Instagram, and will explore Patreon at a later date, once I feel like my network is a little better established.



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