YouTube Video: Unboxing Keisha

Ever since I bought my first Magic Attic doll at a doll show at the beginning of April, I've wanted a Keisha.  Originally I bought that doll - a super-loose Heather with a haircut - to practice restringing on them, but I quickly was sucked into collecting them, of course.  I still need to practice restringing, and it'll need to be soon, as you'll see in a moment!

Anyway, Keisha doesn't seem to come up as often, and when she does, her hair is often in rough shape.  Her hair is textured and seems pretty similar to Addy's from American Girl, whose hair is also prone to turning a little ratty with play.  I can restore most of it, but I don't like it when Keisha's fringe around her face gets thin, as there isn't as much I can do about that without a major overhaul.

So I've passed on a few Keishas on eBay lately, one or two of which I regretted later when I realized that yes, actually, they do sell that high!  So when this girl popped up in a fixed price listing, I snapped her up.

And I'm so happy I did.  The seller thought she might never have been removed from her box, and while I think she may have briefly, her hair net appeared to have never been removed.  Of course, I removed it, because that's what I do... I play with my dolls!

She'll need to be restrung, so it's time to get that Heather out and practice on her first.  But otherwise, Keisha is beautiful and perfect!

Check out her unboxing on YouTube, and follow my channel for more upcoming vides, including some restringing and other rehab videos I have planned.



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