Two More Days Until 'Dolls Get Social'!

It's hard to believe that exactly 48 hours from now, we'll be holding our next doll event at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys: Dolls Get Social!  If you're in the Denver area and you're interested in coming, keep reading for a discount code at the end of the post.

Wendy (the museum director) and I started planning this event a couple of months ago, and it's hard to believe it's already nearly here, let alone that it's gained as much traction as it has.  We asked Rachel Hoffman, the owner of local doll store Turn of the Century and the creator of the Virtual Doll Convention, to speak at the event.  It turned out she had a special guest coming this weekend, Allison Hernandez of the YouTube channel Muñecas, Poupees, and Dolls, so Allison is going to speak at our event too.  What a cool coincidence and an amazing opportunity for the museum!

I'm super excited to meet more local doll people and talk about how much doll collecting has changed since I first started about 22 years ago.  How I enjoy my dolls today is way different - and way more satisfying - than how it was a couple decades ago, and it has mostly to do with social media and the online doll communities that just didn't exist then.

Come Saturday and join the conversation!  If you don't have your tickets yet, visit the doll events page and use the code DollOdds for $3 off.  I hope to see you there!



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