Dolls Get... Successful!

Saturday was our event "Dolls Get Social," and I'm thrilled with what a successful event it was!  I think our max head count was 17, so it wasn't huge, but it was enough that our little classroom at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys felt pretty full.

Wendy Littlepage, museum director

I kicked the event off by choice, because I was pretty sure with two stellar speakers like Allison Hernandez and Rachel Hoffman, either of them would be a tough act to follow.  And I was right!  I had fun with my rambling little slideshow, talking about how much everything has changed since I first started collecting 22 years ago, but Allison presented a super organized "top ten" program, much like the top ten videos she has on her YouTube channel, Muñecas, Poupees, and Dolls.  Rachel talked about her experiences growing up in a doll shop, her Virtual Doll Convention, and how much buying and collecting has changed since the early days of her mom's store, Turn of the Century Antiques.

A rare picture of me instead of my dolls!

Allison Hernandez of Muñecas, Poupees, and Dolls

Rachel Hoffman of the Virtual Doll Convention

At the end of the event we had some fun "show and tell," and those who wanted to got to show off the dolls they'd brought to share.  If there's anything we've all learned from past events, it's that people love to talk about their dolls.  I think we need to find a way to make it less formal, though, so that people don't feel so self-conscious about it!

Rachel and her brother, Paul Hoffman, a fellow AG collector

All in all, it was enthusiastic and informative and full of hope for the future of doll collecting, and I'm so pleased with all the energy and passion our speakers, volunteers, and audience brought to the event.  I'm very much looking forward to our next event.  It will be a little different, since we'll be doing a workshop next time, making doll photography backdrops!



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