New Restoration Prospect!

I was super excited to received this pretty girl recently.  I had been stress shopping on eBay and bought this late (1992) white body Kirsten.

Since she's so much later than usual, she doesn't have the gradient eyes that make most transitional Kirstens so pretty, but she's still a legit white body.  Transitions mean a lot of mix and match because in a factory, workers grab whatever part is handy.  In this case, Kirsten was awarded probably one of the last remaining white bodies.

She also has pretty lashes, even if she has the later flat blue eyes.

But her most stunning feature, and a major part of why I impulse-bought her, is her tinsel wig.  Tinsel wigs are transitional Kirsten wigs that have sparkly strands in them.  It's easiest to view tinsel in strong light as you're turning the head back and forth.  Tinsel is more than just shiny hair - it's individual strands that catch the light and sparkle as you turn the head back and forth.

This is a still photograph, but the wig has enough tinsel that you can still see the sparkly strands, even in a still.

Between her tinsel wig and her unsilvered eyes, this little gem has a lot to work with, but unfortunately she came to me rather stinky.  She'll get a bath and a total overhaul just as soon as I have the time... and hopefully I'll be able to find the time to make a video showing her restoration, just like I did with Alison!



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