Early 2000s American Girl Samantha's Lemonade Set - $95 shipped and insured

Along the lines of "I need to stop hoarding duplicates," I'm selling this early 2000s/transitional AG Samantha's lemonade set.  It is "complete-ish," since it came to me missing one bowl, which I replaced.  It's not a perfect match (cherries are a little lighter red), and I've marked it with a pink dot sticker in case you're "detail oriented" like me and want to keep track of which one was replaced.  So it's "complete" in that all the pieces are here, but "ish" because one of the bowls isn't original to the set.

Condition is very good but definitely played with.  The box is a worn and has a Sharpie label of "Samantha's Tableware" in a child's handwriting.  The tablecloth was stained with something red when I got it, and the napkins had a little age spotting, but both came very clean with a 6-hour soak in Biz yesterday.  I steamed everything today to remove the last of the wrinkles and reshape the lace on the tablecloth.

$95 shipped, sent very well packed and insured.



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